Beer Truck Makes Spill on German Autobahn

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Semi-trucker loses control on German Autobahn, and his load of beer after crashing into the center island.

MAGDEBURG/ BERNBURG-  This incredibly crazy story starts off with a smaller one that occurred in 1999. I had brought back a bottle of Löwenbräu beer from Munich, drank half of it and left the other half in the refrigerator for over two months, torturing my father, who was an avid beer drinker. After two months, he got me convinced to finish the beer off, even though it tasted horrible when I first tried it. Being an avid German beer fan, I have my preferences…. 😉

However, had my father been the president of a German brewery and had heard of this bizarre event occurring yesterday, he would be sharing the sobbing and anger pillows, utilizing every swear word in the book, and instantly sending the driver to the unemployment line. Like him and many Germans, beer is way too sacred to have been spilt on the German motorway.

A semi-truck carrying a load of beer enroute to Dresden on Motorway 14, spilled its load onto the highway yesterday, sending crates filled with liters of every sortiment of beer across the road and into the ditch.  According to information from the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung newspaper in Halle (Saale), a 54-year old driver lost control of his semi-truck, slammed it into the center divider separating the lanes on the motorway, and lost the contents from the side of the truck, which had been covered with plastic planking. All of the contents were spilled onto the opposite side of the motorway on the lanes heading to Magdeburg. The cause of the accident was a flat tire.  The accident occurred at around 1:00pm and the motorway was closed for several hours while the mess was being cleaned up with Shovelers pushing and loading the crates onto trucks to be hauled away.  A video of the accident can be found on the MDZ website here. Police estimated the loss of up to 40,000 Euros ($53,000) and are fearing further accidents because of broken glass left on the motorway.

While the driver will most likely be spared because of circumstances beyond his control, this is the second time a truck lost its contents in an accident in Saxony-Anhalt. In February, a trucker lost control going around a curve, crashing into a hedge, and losing 20 tons of plum jam, which spilled onto the highway near Aschersleben. What a way to finish off 2015 for the Frühaufsteher (early birds) in Saxony-Anhalt.

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