About the Flensburg Files

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Created in October 2010, the Flensburg Files is an online column that focuses on German-American Affairs, multicultural topics and current events. Much of the content that is posted in the Files are based on personal experiences of the author, who has resided in Germany since 1999, yet some topics posted are either the ones few people read about in the newspapers and some topics include questions for the forum, enabling the reader to talk about them to other people who are interested. The Files includes series the author has done as well as tour guides for those wishing to find some places to visit which the author has done already, as well as some information and tips on learning foreign languages with a focus on German and English. This site focuses mostly on news and current events which includes questions for the forum and some activities, however, a wordpress version with a wider variety of topics can be found here. In either case, you should subscribe to both if you want to follow the current events going on between Germany and the US.


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