Tornadoes in Schleswig-Holstein

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At least two tornadoes reported near Schleswig (south of Flensburg). No casualties or damages reported

FLENSBURG- When it comes to tornadoes and waterspouts, they are spectacular but destructive weather phenomena that is foreign in Europe, and in particular, Germany. While Americans witness up to 450 tornadoes per year, most of them in “Tornado Alley” which stretches from Illinois through the Central Plains into Oklahoma and Texas, Germans may see one or two every two or three years. Tornadoes in the US can be destructive and cause tens of millions of dollars in damage, as well as hundreds of casualties. This is unheard of in Germany, although a destructive tornado levelled a forest east of the city of Jena in the state of Thiringia in July 2006.  Fortunately, only minor damage was reported to houses and property.

In the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, residents got a glimpse of an even rarer anomaly: two tornadoes equivalent to an F3.  Photographers and filmmakers were on hand to witness them, located south of Flensburg near the towns of Jübek and Schleswig, yesterday afternoon. With high humidity and temperatures between 28 and 30° Celsius (85-90° F) and thunderstorms in the area, conditions were ripe for a rare occurence. According to information by SHZ, no injuries or major damages were reported. But the tornadoes were in the vicinity of the windmills and powerline poles as they were making their way eastward before letting up. Two of the tornadoes merged into one near Schleswig, as seen in one of the amateur videos, producing hail and torrential rains. The newspaper Schleswiger Nachricht in Schleswig has a gallery of photos for readers to see. Click here to see them.

The Files has some videos of the action, some of which can also be found in the link:



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