Flensburg Files’ 2015 Christmas Market Tour Preview


Well, it is that time of year again- finding Christmas presents, looking for the right Christmas tree, stringing (and restringing) the lights, pouring a cup of mulled wine (Glühwein), practicing the songs for the caroling and concerts, and lastly, visiting the Christmas markets with family and friends, enjoying some company and trying out new things.

In its sixth year, the Flensburg Files will be taking a look at the Christmas markets in Germany, with some surprises in store for the reader. We’ll look at some leftovers from last year’s USA market tour, which started with Amana Colonies and was supposed to continue on but the author was downed with a flu virus during his stay in Chicago, which lasted several days, even into January. Yet some places visited are fresh and highly recommended, which means they will appear in the coming articles. Also new to the Files are some typical items you will find in German (and some American) homes and their origins. This includes the Adventskranz (EN: Advent wreath), the Candle-holding Angel and the Pyramid, just to name a few. We will also sneak in some German-named villages in Minnesota that the author visited one Christmas as a bonus. Which ones? We’ll let him do the work.

And for the traditional Christmas markets in the German cities? Check out the wordpress version of the Files as there will be some to be posted, adding to the long list that has been produced already.

Note: If you want some tips on which Christmas markets to visit and what the author recommends? Here’s a quick guide of the ever-growing list. If you want to add one to the list as a guest writer, please let him know using the contact details below.




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