The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles SPAMMED!

Shutdown occurs without notice. Investigation and Attempts to Restore the Online Column Underway. Chronicles temporarily running under the Flensburg Files until further notice.
It is a webmaster’s worst nightmare. Many years of work informing people about a topic of concern is flushed down the toilet because of the evil electronic ego by the name of Spam, invades the website and/or blog and is shut down. Or someone had the cutest idea of revenge by reporting the website as spam, just to get the online platform to shut it down without consenting the website administrator.  This has nothing to do with the British version of Spam.

But realistically, this is what happened to sister column The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles. The online column has been spammed by WordPress without notice, thus shutting down the online column and denying access to the site laden with valuable information on historic bridges, preservation and tours, just to name a few. The shutdown was discovered by its founder, Jason D. Smith this morning, who has sent a request to restore the website to the online platform. It is unknown whether the contents posted, including photos, articles and the like, can be retrieved or if the website will need to be rebuilt.  If the latter is the case, then it will be a time consuming effort, as articles regarding bridge tours dating back to the 2011 tour in Magdeburg, updates on current preservation projects, book reviews and Mystery Bridges dating back to 2012, interviews, and other important items dating back to 2012 will need to be retrieved and reposted, either through the author or through other readers who may have kept the articles on their computers for future use.
Until further notice, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles will be operating under the name The Flensburg Files. Readers receiving RSS should change to that blog and remain there until further notice. It will not affect the Chronicles’ facebook and Twitter pages, as articles coming from the Files will go directly to the Chronicles page, to ensure that followers can continue reading up on the latest from the Chronicles. While the Files will continue its series on schooling in Germany, all articles pertaining to this topic as well as other German-American topics will continue to be posted here on this blog as well, but also to its facebook and Twitter pages as well, as the Files has its own pages.
The Files will keep you informed on the developments involving the Chronicles. Already a complaint has been sent to WordPress and AreaVoices (the latter owns the Chronicles and Files) with hopes that the Chronicles can be restored post haste.  Consideration is being made regarding either upgrading the blog to a site or a normal website, like Should this be the case, then construction season will be a joyride for the Chronicles this year.
Those who have articles dating back to 2012 and are willing to submit a copy, and those willing to help with the reconstruction efforts of the Chronicles blog are asked to contact Jason Smith at