FC Bayern Munich Wins 24th Bundesliga Soccer Title



Newsflyer:  3:1 Victory over Hertha BSC Berlin secures team Bundesliga Title in Record Time

BERLIN-  At the start of this season , questions were asked as to how to stop the 2013 Triple Crown Winners of the German Bundesliga, the German Cup and the Champions League, FC Bayern Munich, let alone who to stop them.
That question will have to wait until next season, after Berlin became the latest team to fall to the red, white and blue.  Thanks to goals from Mario Goetze, Toni Kroos and Franck Ribery,  last night’s 3:1 victory at Olympia Stadium guaranteed FC Bayern its 24th Bundesliga title. Yet its pace to win the title in 24 games was the earliest ever recorded, even breaking their own record set in April last year. Normally, the title is decided in late May. Yet, because of its record and the points garnered in the standings, Bayern Munich became the first soccer team to win the title in March, the month where March Madness in the form of college basketball tournaments in the USA take place.
Apparently the sentencing of former FC Bayern manager Uli Hoeness to 3.5 years in prison for tax evasion two weeks ago did not phase the soccer team, as many of the players claimed that the title was for him. While other newspapers and agencies have jumped on the bandwagon, others claimed that the team was better off without him, and that he was a distraction anyway. Nevertheless, the title will provide them with enough motivation to do the following: strive for a repeat of the triple crown, set a record for the number of points in the standings (100), and become the only team to finish the season undefeated.  With elite talent, like Ribery, Goetze and Bastian Schweinsteiger on the team, the chances of not achieving any of these are next to nil.
And as for the next season, teams in the hunt for spots in the European Cup (4th-6th place) and Champions League (2nd and 3rd places) as well as those trying to survive the rest of the season without finishing in the bottom three and ending up in the second tier of the Bundesliga will be finding ways to take revenge on the team that has destroyed them in competition for two straight seasons now. Apart from Berlin, this includes Leverkusen, Dortmund and Schalke 04. That opportunity may take shape as the affects of Hoeness’ downfall and prison term have not sunk in just yet. In simpler languages, the fans of FC Bayern Munich should enjoy this season while it lasts, as the quest for a three-peat will be even tougher than imagined.
The Flensburg Files would like to congratulate the team from FC Bayern Munich for winning the Bundesliga Title and wishing them best of luck in reaching their next goals.