2013 Christmas Market Tour Pop Quiz II:

The second Pop Quiz on the 2013 Christmas Market Tour in Germany takes us back to Gera, Thuringia, where the Christmas Market provides some surprises to people who drive through the city and want to spend a few hours there. As mentioned in the article (which you can find here), Gera’s Christmas Markets feature a combination of murals and statues that depict the fairy tales that were written by various German and Danish children’s writers, including the Grimm Brothers and Hans-Christen Andersen.  Take a look at the following 10 murals/statues below (with some hints accompanying them). Can you guess from which stories they come from? Place your answers in the Comments section of the Files as well as in the Files’ facebook pages. Answers will come before Christmas. Good luck! 🙂

Picture 1

Picture 2 (Hint: The Giant is being challenged by a wizard- not Jack!)

Picture 3 (Hint: The title includes the name of a famous German city)

Picture 4 (Hint: Cinderella and bats do NOT get along!)

Picture 5

Picture 6 (Hei Ho! Hei Ho! Faa laaa la laa la laa!)

Picture 7 (You have to kiss many of these in order to find the prince of your dreams)

Picture 8

Picture 9 (Sorry! While Jack cut down the beanstalk and brought home dinner, he was never depicted as a statue at  the Christmas Market)

Picture 10

One thought on “2013 Christmas Market Tour Pop Quiz II:”

  1. 1. The Golden Goose.
    2. The Brave Little Tailor? And the rock is the one he has to try to squeeze water out of?
    3. The Bremen Town Musicians.
    4. Sleeping Beauty? She seems to have a spinning wheel, so it’s that or Rumplestiltzkin, surely…
    5. I don’t know, but I fear for the life of the pig.
    6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
    7. The Frog Prince.
    8. Cinderella, maybe? I can’t really tell what’s going on here, unfortunately.
    9. I…. don’t know this one either. Looks nummy, though.
    10. Rapunzel.

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