Are you aware…….

Are you aware of what you are doing? When you talk about somebody behind his/her back, you degrade that person and his/her self-esteem. When you yell insults to someone, you scare them away. When you bully someone, you build up their rage, ready to explode at any moment. When you push someone over the edge, it comes back to haunt you, in any shape or form.

Are you aware of what you are doing? When you load a weapon, you are programming the self-destruction of the world. When you break into the lives of one or more persons, you scar them for life. When you aim and pull the trigger, you not only destroy a life but those around the person slain. When a life is destroyed, so is your life, for you have thrown yours away as well at the sound of a bang.

Are you aware of what you are doing? I sure hope so. What you do to a person comes back to you with repercussions that will affect you for years to come. To do a deed by helping others makes you a stronger man than when you hurt people through lies, deception, insults and injury. To be more informed about yourself and the surroundings will make you a better man intellectually. To seek help for problems you have in your life will help you feel good about yourself. To open fire on innocent people is the same as committing suicide, and that will be remembered by others in grief, whose lives have been altered forever.

I do not understand the motive of the massacre of 26 innocent children and teachers at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. But one variant is certain, if there is a thing called terrorism, then it is occurring on our own home territory and not in other countries, like Afghanistan and Pakistan. People shooting others before taking their own lives is not sensational; it is an act of cowardice. We are all to blame for ignoring the pleas of others, by not banning guns and helping those who are in need, by not banning violent games and making the streets safer and by not making the schools and college a place to learn and not look like a federal penetentiary. Maybe it is time to address these issues once and for all so that the pleas are answered and people are happy.

When we bid farewell to the 26 people, whose lives were taken well before they were able to grow up and fulfill their dreams, let us think about the people we have hurt in the past and find ways to make amends. Let is look at our environment and see what we can do for the benefit of others. Let us exchange our interests and share our experience and encourage them to take on challenges worth dreaming about. And finally, let us learn to love and forget about hate. A little bit of good every day reaps grander awards in the long term.

This article is dedicated in memory of the fallen and those who are grieving and trying to understand. You are not alone, for we do not understand why this had to happen. But we do know that something needs to be done to avoid another tragedy of this nature……