Flensburg Files receives a New Face

Dawn of a new day for the Files

In the past two months, I have been doing some reconstruction of the two online columns to provide readers with more access to the columns, let alone comment on them or even offer suggestions. While the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles has been off and running since finishing its facelift three weeks ago, I’m pleased to inform you that the Flensburg Files has also undergone a similar facelift. Many of you have already seen the new background of the Files page, which has gone from being a blackboard filled with scribbles of thoughts and ideas to that of an album of photos and a journal on a wooden boat. It does represent the work of a columnist who is collecting some thoughts and images while sailing on a yacht.  Yet there are a few minor changes that will make the Files a bit more interesting in the coming months.
The format of the Files is more or less the same. We’ll have some profiles on places to visit in the US, Germany, Europe and elsewhere, as usual, keeping the tourist aspect in one spot. We will include some more current events and in some cases, comparing certain themes between the US and Europe. This will include some project themes that will be showcased on a quarterly basis, minus the Christmas markets and some themes that are still being written and showcased. As indicated in the last entry, we have a couple project themes in the making- the problem with German soccer, which will be followed by some topics pertaining to the upcoming US Presidential elections in November and how it will affect US-German/European relations.  All project themes that are being worked on will be listed under the Page “About the Flensburg Files,” with some information on their progress. And while all the tributes and author’s thoughts will remain as is, there will be a separate section on foreign languages, as there have been some interesting aspects on English, German and other languages that I witnessed that have not been mentioned by others (but should be). The articles will be categorized based on the themes presented.
Like the Chronicles, the Files has also gone public via facebook and Twitter. Just click on the symbols on the Subscription page and you can follow the postings from there. An RSS feed is also available for you to subscribe to the Files. For the Twitter page, it is the site of both columns, so do not be overwhelmed with the bridge articles that happen to show up on the list. Just find the articles with the Flensburg Files name on them and you are there.  Should you have any questions or comments and would like to address them to the author directly, please use the following e-mail address: Flensburg.bridgehunter.av@googlemail.com.
After taking a semi-hiatus because of the facelift, it is time to go to work. There is a lot of catching up to do and therefore, without further ado, enjoy the articles to come in the Files. Adieu and until next time….