Oh look! A shiny Euro bill!

I had a very strange occurance that happened to me one day as I was going to pick up my daughter and spend the afternoon with her. On the way to the street car stop, I was going to grab a couple rolls for her, as she eats those for her her afternoon snack. I was thinking of what I wanted to do with her as it was a very sunny day, when suddenly, right before my eyes I saw two colorful, shiny Euro bills laying on the sidewalk: a 10 Euro bill and a 20 Euro bill! It was like it was dropped down to Earth by some kind of force, when in all reality, someone must have lost it while on the way back from shopping. However, I was not the only one who saw the bill. In the opposite direction about the same distance from the bills as I was, I saw a really tall, bald-headed man in his mid 40s, dressed up in a suit as well as a black overcoat, wearing glasses, and spotting the two bills on the sidewalk. Swift as a bird, we ran for the bills- I got the 10 Euro bill, the guy got the 20 Euro bill. The guy laughed and boasted when he got the 20 bill; especially to a couple passersby. I remained silent with the 10. Why is that?

Well, let’s look at the situation closely. Both of us was surprised that we found the bills, but there were a couple exceptions to the rule. One was guilty about grabbing the bill when in all reality, it was probably someone else’s to begin with. Problem is whose money does it belong to? I bet it was someone’s grocery money for the week. The other person was either unemployed, coming back from an interview and was probably happy to have some extra cash. Or he does have a job in an executive position and thinks a little extra money could go a long way.  One thought perhaps the money could be of better use because of the fact that he was content with his job and doesn’t really need the money except for something useful. The other was probably thinking finders keepers, losers weepers, and wants to keep it for himself, sharing it with no one except maybe his immediate family. One thought he was lucky, the other one felt he was not so lucky. Can you figure out which one is the luckiest one: the one with the 20 or the 0ne with the 10?

Well one thing is for sure, I know what I will do with the lost bill, and in the end what I do with it will produce an effect which I will be satisfied with, as well as those which the bill will be useful for. What I will do with it is something for you to guess at and for me to keep the answer to myself.