Mid-term mayhem in J-Town

The day of the unknown- Photo taken in late 2007

7:00 on election day. The day of the unknown in a small American town of J-town. The day that can be that of glory or hell. It all depends on the voter and his/her preferences. Looking at the current situation however, this mid-term election is not like any other mid-term election we have ever seen before. It serves as the crossroads to deciding our future, if we have one. It serves as a way of venting our frustrations out on the people who are still in Washington and should be ousted, regardless of which party. It serves as a make or break for the two major parties that have been dominating the political system of the United States of America for 140+ years- the Democrats and the Republicans. It serves as a gut check for the policies that are in place but we as voters are asking whether we are satisfied or not. It serves as a reminder that “Yes, we can!” can be interpreted from many viewpoints on many levels and with regards to many topics. For me, it serves as a king-of-the-ring style professional wrestling match which has been overly hyped up for the last three months and is now at the boiling point where people want to see some action and some embarassment in the form of boos and rotten tomatoes.

Looking at ringside, we have many contenders who are striving to be the best, but in the end, only one will emerge as the winner. Each has his/her record, both good and bad, regardless of whether it was locally, at the state capital, or in Washington. We have an incumbent mayor of J-town, who just finished writing a letter to the editor about how great his town is in order to save his hind end from being shot off because of his drunk driving record and his strive for modernization at the cost of places of historic interest. But we also have opponents who have already figured him out and want to unseat him at any cost. Then we have an incumbent state representative who opposed providing financial aid for students going to college, health care for all, and bailouts, while her opponent is a novice but the total opposite of those views. We have a household name for candidate for governor, an unknown opponent who detests both primary parties and one who is also generic but has a record of wooing his fellow politicians in his favor. We have far left liberals who want to control the stock markets and far right conservatives who want to continue the good-ole days of free-wheeling markets and unlimited no-holds barred competition. We have pretty faces and those who want to mess them up. We have moderates who get along with both parties and those who are Tea-party related and want the government to back off. We have fat clowns who are talk show hosts and think they are the only source of the political party and those who are reasonable but speak softy and carry a big stick.  All have one thing in common and that is they want to win the hearts and minds of the voters. But in order to do that, they have to win the King of the Ring pro-wrestling event by bad-mouthing, kicking, punching, gouging, and humiliating each other, just for a few votes and recognition based on empty promises and business as usual.

And finally, we have the voter who plasters his campaign signs all over his house, cheering for his favorite candidate who is a woman warrior with words and carrying her autobiography like a Bible, and one who has no sign on his front lawn and reads a candidate’s  autobiography on hope, which has yet to be seen. One will go to the polls and serve his community of J-town and his country. The other will stay home and watch the mayhem on TV, wondering if it was worth voting if there will not be any change anyway. Or regret not going to the polls at all….

The Flensburg Files normally does not take sides in any political issues. But given the intensity of the elections that are taking place on 2 November throughout America, the creator of the blog, who has been there and seen how down and dirty American politics can really be, would like to ask voters to choose wisely when going to the polls on this firey day, as your vote will determine the future course of the US and the rest of the world. Don’t vote just because the economy is in the doldrums. It has been that way since 2001 and will remain that way regardless of the outcome. Don’t vote on a candidate for a false sense of security. Inquire critically based on the candidate’s record and think critically on deciding whether he/she deserves a place in the government or if he/she should be selling peanuts or entertaining for circus clowns. If you’re unsure of who to vote for, don’t vote and watch the events unfold. Sometimes it is better not to vote and be happy with the outcome than to vote and make a big mistake.  In any case, best of luck and may the most intelligent, well-informed, and (above all) the most sensitive and honest candidates win, and may the voter’s wish for a better candidate come true.

Until next time, friends.

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