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69 days: A tribute to the miners

Posted by on October 14, 2010

Photo taken by Jason D. Smith

They went in as miners, they came out as heroes- 69 days later! They were leading an ordinary life when they entered the mines on 5 August, 2010. They were leading unusual lives underground for 69 days- cut off from the world and over a half a mile deep into the earth, having nobody to care for but themselves. What became the light of day turned into 69 days of perpetual darkness.  They hardly knew each other as they were drilling for copper when the mine crashed down onto them. They became brothers in the 69 days they were trapped there- each one of them helping each other out through the whole ordeal and helping the people above them as they tried to guide them to freedom.  They took life for granted, having a daily routine of their own, having a family to support and to come home to. They have since valued their lives more- like a valuable resource-  brought their families closer together, strengthened bonds with each other and to God, and became better men  both physically and spiritually. They considered their Chilean president as their leader. Now they consider him their father as he was there to oversee the progress and welcome them when they finally came out of the darkness and into the light,  one by one. They were the forgotten ones before the accident happened. Now they made history- for themselves, the mining industry, and the people who rescued them. They went in as miners and came out as heroes. Even if they shall pass on as miners, their legacy shall live on in the books, the memories of those who were there and the generations that will follow, and finally to the country of Chile, as the people’s spirits, which were high during the ordeal, are now much higher now that the miners are back home with their families and life  returns to normal, much happier than before.

The writer of the Flensburg Files would like to dedicate this short narrative in honor of the 33 miners who were trapped for 69 days in the San Jose Mine near Copiapo and survived the whole ordeal as one big group. They took massive efforts helping rescuers free them, and drew our attention to an event belonging to history. What was mentioned above was based on the events and how they came together and drew everybody together, showing us the value of love, life, and happiness, something that we sometimes forget in this hectic world. I hope this will make readers and others rethink this and do something for the better. I know I will.

Until next time, folks.

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